Getting close

Getting close

It seems as for the first time in British History May will be finished before April ends!

Happily Aprils arrival heralded the delivery of the keys to the Distillery , hooray! Very excited for a day  but then really anxious in case we forget one of the myriad of things we have to do. 

It’s only 3 days since we moved in but we are not doing too bad. 

5 ticks, 7 half ticks, and 3 unknowns!

  • Entry ramp built, tick.
  • Master Distiller booked to build Still room, tick.
  • Fire alarm installed, and certified, tick.
  • Labels, botanicals, alcohol here, tick.
  • Clean up the mess the tradesmen left behind, tick. 
  • Electrics installed, awaiting certification, half a tick.
  • Plumbing installed, awaiting certification, half tick.
  • Energy certificate applied for but not here, half a tick.
  • Bottles, still not delivered, but in Gibraltar, half a tick.
  • Boxes, bags and storage vessels ordered but not here, half a tick.
  • Intruder alarm ordered, on its way, half a tick.
  • Insurance applied for but awaiting alarm installation, half a tick.

When will the Still room be finished ? 

When should we plan the launch party? 

Most importantly of all when will we have some Campion Gin????!!!!

Before Brexit Probably!