Spirit of the Rock distillery tours

Spirit of the Rock distillery tours

The Tour will involve an explanation of how Athena our beautiful Copper Still distills our unique Campion Gin.

This will be followed by a brief history of how Gibraltar and Gin have always been connected, together with tastings of different types of Gin.

Tours will last approximately 45 minutes and you will have the opportunity to purchase a bottle or two of Campion at a very special price as well as taking home a free sample of your favourite gin.

We look forward to welcoming you to 8 George’s Lane to share our passion, let the fun be..gin!

You can book your place on www.buytickets.gi

Please note: No one below the age of 18 years of age will be allowed to attend.

Getting close

Getting close

It seems as for the first time in British History May will be finished before April ends!

Happily Aprils arrival heralded the delivery of the keys to the Distillery , hooray! Very excited for a day  but then really anxious in case we forget one of the myriad of things we have to do. 

It’s only 3 days since we moved in but we are not doing too bad. 

5 ticks, 7 half ticks, and 3 unknowns!

  • Entry ramp built, tick.
  • Master Distiller booked to build Still room, tick.
  • Fire alarm installed, and certified, tick.
  • Labels, botanicals, alcohol here, tick.
  • Clean up the mess the tradesmen left behind, tick. 
  • Electrics installed, awaiting certification, half a tick.
  • Plumbing installed, awaiting certification, half tick.
  • Energy certificate applied for but not here, half a tick.
  • Bottles, still not delivered, but in Gibraltar, half a tick.
  • Boxes, bags and storage vessels ordered but not here, half a tick.
  • Intruder alarm ordered, on its way, half a tick.
  • Insurance applied for but awaiting alarm installation, half a tick.

When will the Still room be finished ? 

When should we plan the launch party? 

Most importantly of all when will we have some Campion Gin????!!!!

Before Brexit Probably!
Nearly opening time

Nearly opening time

We found a Campion plant, but like us, it is not quite in bloom  yet!

Next week, we have an inspection to check the electrical installation, once approved we can move in, and start fitting out.

We have about 20 pallets of machinery and raw materials to unload, and look forward to commissioning our beautiful still, “Athena”.

Production will start in earnest in April, and by St George’s Day which is the 23rd April, we will defiantly raise a glass locally and plan a formal launch party in May, and our first Distillery Tours will begin in June.

Gibraltars Campion and Candytuft in the wild

Gibraltars Campion and Candytuft in the wild

The search for rare flowers

Gibraltars Campion and Candytuft in the wild

We have named our first two Gins after Gibraltars very special flowers , Silene Tomentosa, ( Gibraltar Campion) https://g.co/kgs/QwnmKN and  Iberis gibraltarica ( Candytuft) https://g.co/kgs/SgyTMZ .

The Campion will be in bloom soon on the upper rock certainly before the end of March, and grows nowhere else in the world. Candytuft will also show her pretty face soon, and is found nowhere else in Europe.

 Campion Gin too is completely unique 48% ABV but very smooth and we plan to have it bottled and ready for sale before Brexit. 

Candytuft will be a lighter blend and is due to follow in the summer.

True we have had our fair share of delays in setting up the Distillery at 8 George’s Lane, so fingers and toes crossed we don’t have many more. More than a hundred years ago the building was a lemonade factory, so converting it to a Micro Distillery seems only fitting.

A good sense of humour throughout has been essential, as the stress has mounted with each random delaying event.

The latest spanner in the works is a storm that means our container of bottles has been put on the wrong  ship and will now be a month late in arriving. Maybe they will delay Brexit so we can make our deadline?

Time to take a break from the stress of a start up, so we take a brisk walk up the rock following the “Nature Lovers” path to see how the stars of our fledgling business are doing in their natural rocky home. 

March the 5th, today but there are still no Campion or Candytuft flowers open yet , maybe they will wait for us to open first? Time to head home for a pancake or two!

Hope to get the keys to the property this week so we can crack on.