Campion London Dry gin    48% ABV

JACO  gin, circa 1700    40% ABV

Plymouth-style, circa 1793      57% ABV

Old Tom, circa 1830      44% ABV


Moon Lizard      40%  ABV

Pure Etrog    40% ABV



Distilling speciality gin in Gibraltar

Campion, our flagship London Dry Gin

Traditional in many respects, with juniper, coriander, liquorice, cassia, orange, lemongrass, cardamon and clove

However, the unusual addition of carob pods, rosebuds and seeds of the rare white campion creates a unique blend worthy of the “Spirit of the Rock” brand 

Campion was voted one of the best Gins in the World at the World Gin Awards 2020


Our promise to you

Campion, Our Gibraltar Gin

100% Natural

Our original, unique and authentic  Campion recipe has no artificial additives. The combined ingredients are the essential botanicals juniper, coriander, corris and angelica with classic liquorice, cardamon, cassia bark, clove and orange…

..the addition of lemongrass, rose, carob and campion gives this London Dry Gin its deep, well-rounded and sophisticated note worthy of  the “ Spirit of the Rock” brand.


Reduce, ReUse, and Re cycle

We strive to eliminate the use of single use plastic, support and actively encourage recycling locally by offering a bottle / stopper return discount to all our repeat customers.
Unlike most distilleries our cooling water is recycled saving more than half a million litres of fresh water a year.

Highest Quality - Hand made

Spirits are our passion. Our small-batch Gibraltar craft Gins are handmade by a master in gin distilling  with ingredients of the highest-possible  quality


Promoting Gibraltar to visitors from around the world

We encourage local artisans and businesses to create hand-crafted high-quality gifts and services that we can market  alongside our own Gibraltar-made products.
We are supporting local activist groups and local charities to improve the environment for generations to come

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