The Spirit of the Rock Story…

In the beginning

The inspiration for opening the Spirit of the Rock gin distillery in Gibraltar came whilst walking to Europa Point on a beautiful sunny morning in November 2017

The previous evening had been spent at an artist friend’s house. Perhaps it was the proximity to this creative talent, the eclectic mix of guests or the bloody good gin served. But, either way it set me up for some positive energy filtration

The Craft Gin industry was blooming in the U.K. and the trend showed no signs of slowing; my background in aromatherapy (distilling essential oils) and my love of craft gins lead me to the eureka moment of ‘OMG what a great industry for Gibraltar’! This small country that I call home, punches way above its weight in so many fields that it deserves a premium product that will hopefully have global appeal

Arriving home, bursting with excitement, I explained my idea to my one and only, Peter. Now here is a man who has many talents: a background in physics and chemistry, a lover of amateur dramatics and obviously gin

He of course saw the merits in the idea, and the more we researched, the more passionate we became. After attending numerous gin distillery tours in London and tasting more and more gin, without I’m proud to say suffering a single hangover, he felt this was the perfect new adventure.
And so…the training began. With the help and guidance of Vanessa Rapier and Matt Servini (master distiller) and founders of The Craft Distilling Business we developed our blend for Campion. Their patience and expertise gave us the confidence and determination to get our fledgling business off the ground

The Spirit of the Rock premises

You can’t start a new business without a good premises. Enter stage left ‘Josh’ from Levy estate agents. ‘I know just the place’ and he was right, 8 George’s Lane was absolutely perfect and the landladies although hesitant to begin with, were courageous enough to say yes

Remember, this is the first distillery of its kind in Gibraltar so they were very brave indeed. Although not ready yet, we will be setting it up to conduct tours and tastings

Gibraltar has a wealth of history that ties in so well with the history of gin that all who attend a distillery tour will be the richer for it. For instance 8 George’s Lane was first cited in the records soon after 1704 when the British and the Dutch took possession of the Rock, emboldened by their ration of “Dutch courage” aka Gin


Gibraltar is the North Pillar of Hercules which is why we named our beautiful copper still Athena. She is Heracles’s half- sister renowned for her wisdom, courage, military victories, strength and the arts and crafts

All these attributes and more reflect the true Spirit of the Rock

Our promise to you

Spirit of the Rock - Gibraltar gin

100% Original

Our original Campion recipe combines gin’s essential botanicals juniper, coriander, orris and angelica with classic liquorice, cardamon, cassia bark, clove and orange. In addition, the lemongrass, rose, carob and campion gives this small-batch  London Dry craft gin its deep, well-rounded and sophisticated note


Reduce, Re Use, and Re cycle

We strive to eliminate the use of single-use plastic, support and actively encourage recycling locally by offering a bottle / stopper return discount to all our repeat customers.
Unlike most distilleries our cooling water is recycled saving more than half a million litres of fresh water a year

High Quality - Hand made

Spirit of the Rock Gins are handmade in small batches, with only the very best ingredients.

Premium quality spirits are our passion. 


Promoting Gibraltar to visitors from around the world

We encourage local artisans and businesses to create hand-crafted high-quality gifts and services that we can market  alongside our own Gibraltar-made products.
We are supporting local activist groups and local charities to improve the environment for generations to come

Campion, the flower

White Campion (silene tomentosa)

This flower was thought to be extinct on the Rock of Gibraltar but then miraculously was rediscovered in 1992 by a local botanist

Seeds of Gibraltar’s white campion flower are now held in the seed bank at Kew Gardens, UK, so its future is secure – it is also being propagated in the Alameda Botanic Gardens in Gibraltar




Spirit of the Rock - Campion flower

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