Gibraltars Campion and Candytuft in the wild

Gibraltars Campion and Candytuft in the wild

The search for rare flowers

Gibraltars Campion and Candytuft in the wild

We have named our first two Gins after Gibraltars very special flowers , Silene Tomentosa, ( Gibraltar Campion) and  Iberis gibraltarica ( Candytuft) .

The Campion will be in bloom soon on the upper rock certainly before the end of March, and grows nowhere else in the world. Candytuft will also show her pretty face soon, and is found nowhere else in Europe.

 Campion Gin too is completely unique 48% ABV but very smooth and we plan to have it bottled and ready for sale before Brexit. 

Candytuft will be a lighter blend and is due to follow in the summer.

True we have had our fair share of delays in setting up the Distillery at 8 George’s Lane, so fingers and toes crossed we don’t have many more. More than a hundred years ago the building was a lemonade factory, so converting it to a Micro Distillery seems only fitting.

A good sense of humour throughout has been essential, as the stress has mounted with each random delaying event.

The latest spanner in the works is a storm that means our container of bottles has been put on the wrong  ship and will now be a month late in arriving. Maybe they will delay Brexit so we can make our deadline?

Time to take a break from the stress of a start up, so we take a brisk walk up the rock following the “Nature Lovers” path to see how the stars of our fledgling business are doing in their natural rocky home. 

March the 5th, today but there are still no Campion or Candytuft flowers open yet , maybe they will wait for us to open first? Time to head home for a pancake or two!

Hope to get the keys to the property this week so we can crack on.


The Upper Rock Nature Reserve

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Whether you walk, cycle, taxi, bus or cable car to the top of the rock it is well worth it if you keep your eyes open for the wealth of nature en route.
Traditionally folk go to see the Monkeys, the tunnels, caves or Africa, but the other flora and fauna should not be overlooked.
Obviously I am still looking for the elusive Campion and Candytuft, that have inspired our first two Gibraltar Gins, but came across this ring used in the past to haul cannon and ordinance to the top.
Even though I have had no luck yet finding the flowers, climbing the Rock is a real pleasure.
Every time you pause to catch your breath there are constant reminders of the great efforts and sacrifices made by past generations to defend this special piece of limestone. Maybe I am not really that tired……….at least I am not pulling a cannon.