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Spirit of The Rock

Campion London Dry Premium Gin 5cl Bottle

Campion London Dry Premium Gin 5cl Bottle

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5cl Miniature Bottle


Campion is a London Dry Gin and packs a punch at 48% ABV: as high as we think you dare go without losing the full flavour profile.

It is a well-rounded gin with a good balance between the citrus notes of orange and lemongrass, the spices of cassia, cinnamon, cardamom and a little clove, and the floral notes of Moroccan rose buds elevate and lighten the profile.

The addition of carob gives this gin a creaminess which allows it to be savoured cold and neat without the aggressive hit usual of high alcohol content.

Last but not least are Campion seeds which add the all-important ‘spirit’ of the Rock.

Serving Suggestion

This Gin although strong, is smooth enough to drink neat with ice and a zest of orange as a dry Martini. It works very well with a little tonic water and orange garnish. Also punchy enough to hold it's own in a Negroni, making this cocktail very special.  Avoid lemon and stick to orange, kumquat, or clementine.

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