Historical Gin

Father's Day


  • Clair

    Lesley gave an informative and fun history of gin and Gibraltar whilst we sampled gins through the ages. Fascinating to see the still they use for their various gins today whilst drinking a Joan Collins cocktail and chatting to Peter, the distiller.
    Brilliant tour, highly recommended!

  • Gail

    Peter was very welcoming, informative and accommodating. Very interesting tour through the gin years with 6 (large) tasters. We were made a lovely cocktail at the end too. All in all good value for money and worth a visit.

  • Jack

    Truly Amazing. This is a must do for both who love gin and those who just want to do a tasting of spirits. Peter gives the history of gin and takes you through a tasting to follow the history. And a signature drink is offered at the end. This is one of the best tasting experiences that we have had. This is a must do.

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