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Gibraltar’s Premium Gins


The Gibraltar Campion (silene tomentosa) grows wild on the upper reaches of the Rock of Gibraltar. It is found nowhere else in the world. The resilience and rarity of this beautiful plant have inspired the creation of Gibraltar’s first Copper Stilled Gin.

Ten traditional botanicals combine with Carob, Rose & of course Campion seeds to produce a strong, yet smooth aromatic London Dry Gin worthy of the Spirit of the Rock brand.

50cl bottle £23.95 


The Gibraltar Candytuft (iberis gibraltarica) is a native of North Africa and unusual in that Gibraltar is the only place it grows wild on mainland Europe.

It is the national flower of Gibraltar and our second premium gin. Packed with grapefruit, tangy lemon, sweet orange, and a fruity hint of sun-blushed peaches. Not forgetting Candytuft seeds of course to give this New Western Dry Gin the true Spirit of the Rock. 

50cl bottle £19.95 


Gins from the Gibraltar experience

£14.90 (70cl)

Jaco Gin

Circa 1700

Juniper, Angelica, Coriander, Orris. This basic gin harks back to the earliest days of gin in England. It is an excellent base to add your own blend of botanicals and create your own unique gin.

£17.40 (70cl)

Old Tom Gin

Circa 1830

The ‘Gin Palace’ era favourite. The first gin to add sugar gradually fell out of favour when London Dry Gin became available after the invention of the Coffey still.


Plymouth Style Gin

First made 1793

Inspired by the Navy Officersfavourite tipple, this was the first gin to introduce orange, lemon and cardamom. Originally at 57% volume at Blackfriars Distillery in Plymouth.

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"We absolutely loved this gin tasting experience, would definitely go back. Recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about the history of Gibraltar and gin."

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"Fantastic afternoon, Peter was an amazing host.

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"We didn't think we were gin drinkers but this gin with just a slice of orange rind and some ice is the perfect. We liked it so much we went back for 2 more bottles. One to store on on our boat and one for a friend."

MaryAnn Gregg Yocum