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Gin the Gibraltar way

Packing a punch at 48% ABV, our first copper stilled Gibraltar Gin certainly had to be a London Dry Gin to honour the 300 year bond with the U.K. and the armed forces.

Above all Spirit of the Rock gin is traditional in many respects: strong on Juniper with Coriander; Liquorice; Cassia; Orange; Lemongrass; Cardamon and Clove.

Furthermore the harmonising stars are the unusual addition of Carob pods , Rosebuds and Campion seeds.

Gin from Gibraltar, From Spirit of the Rock

The perfect Gin

Strong, smooth and memorable. Perfect in a very Dry Martini, also excellent in a Negroni, and refreshing in a Gin and Tonic (Fever-tree Mediterranean) with a twist of orange.

Our original Campion recipe combines the essential botanicals Juniper, Coriander, Orris and Angelica with classic liquorice, cardamon, cassia bark, clove and orange.

However, the addition of Lemongrass, Rose, Carob and Campion gives this London Dry Gin a deep, well rounded and sophisticated note worthy of  the “ Spirit of the Rock” brand. Its mellowness belies its strength of 48% ABV.


Visit the home of Gibraltar Gin

Although not ready yet, we will be setting up to conduct tours and tastings. Because Gibraltar has a wealth of history that ties in so well with the history of gin, that all who attend a distillery tour will be the richer for it.

Most noteworthy is 8 George’s Lane was first cited in the records soon after 1704 when the British and the Dutch took possession of the Rock, emboldened by their ration of “Dutch courage” aka Gin. 

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