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Spirit of The Rock

Candytuft Premium Gin 50cl Bottle

Candytuft Premium Gin 50cl Bottle

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50cl Bottle

The Gibraltar Candytuft (iberis gibraltarica) is a native of North Africa and unusual in that Gibraltar is the only place it grows wild on mainland Europe.

It is the national flower of Gibraltar and our second premium gin. Packed with grapefruit, tangy lemon, sweet orange, and a fruity hint of sun-blushed peaches. Not forgetting Candytuft seeds of course to give this New Western Dry Gin the true Spirit of the Rock.

Serving Suggestion

Deliciously flexible and refreshing, it is served as a long drink with a mixer of your choice with ice. Garnished with any of the following: lemon, cucumber, grapefruit or peach.

For special occasions, add Candytuft to Prosecco.

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